As God’s people we are called to love one another, serving selflessly and sacrificially. This serving flows out of our love for our neighbor. Though it starts in the Body of Christ, it flows outward, and we serve the community around, loving them in practical and relevant ways.

Serving alongside fellow followers of Christ shapes who you are. Not only are we called to serve, but we are shaped to serve. Although each individual may be called to serve in different areas, ministries, or to different age groups, we have all been created to serve in some way. Christ empowers through the Holy Spirit to serve, multiplying our efforts in exponential ways.

God created each of us with unique talents and abilities (Peter 4:8). These are not static, but rather the Holy Spirit works in us, enabling and inspiring us for the task at hand. We are called to use these God-given gifts to serve one another and the world around us (1 Peter 4:10).

The key is trusting God and following the guidance of the Holy Spirit as you seek where He would have you serve. The purpose of serving one another is ultimately to glorify God (1 Peter 4:11). As we serve in the power of the Holy Spirit we shape the world around through the power of the love of Christ, and in serving we ourselves are changed to better reflect the heart of God and the heart of His Kingdom.