Sunday School

We use The Gospel Project for all of our Sunday School Classes, from children up to adults. This awesome program takes a three-year journey through the entire Bible, challenging us to connect the dots of the incredible truth of the Gospel to every story we encounter along the way. The most exciting part of aligning all our Sunday school classes with this study is that parents are being taught the same subject as their children (though much more in depth). That way, as a parent, when you speak to your children about what they studied in their Sunday School, you know what their answers should be, and you will be able to talk with them (and disciple them!) in thinking and reflecting well about it.

We also offer periodic, intentional classes for limited time. These include women’s studies, finance, parenting, and even a Discovery Class which is a four week class for membership as well as being for anyone interested in just finding out about why we do what we do, and why we are who we are.